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If you're responsible for installing the 2021 Digital AP Exams application on school-managed devices, you can download the app here. The app should be installed as soon as possible, so students can access digital practice.

The application was designed to provide an option for students who would need to take their AP Exams at home this year. Accordingly, the testing app operates at the user level and accounts for internet disruptions during testing because connectivity in students' homes can vary.

School-Managed Chromebooks

Chromebook administrators: Access password-protected instructions for installing the application on school-managed Chromebooks and configuring it to run in kiosk mode. The password for these instructions was shared with your school's AP coordinator by email.

Windows and Mac: School-Managed Installation

District and school educators and technology staff can access both the Windows and Mac 2021 Digital AP Exams application files below. The app is only available as an .exe or .dmg installer. The digital testing app should be downloaded and distributed to supported Windows and Mac devices as soon as possible so students can access digital practice, confirm device settings, and prepare for exam day.

The application can be (1) placed in a district-managed ‘school store’ of approved applications for students to download on their testing device or (2) packaged and deployed to multiple devices in a user-writable folder via common mobile device management (MDM) platforms such as Jamf Pro, Microsoft's Intune, or Endpoint Configuration Manager (formerly SCCM). See your platform for specific packaging and deployment instructions.

Windows and Mac: Unrestricted Student Access to Install Applications

If your school's device policy allows, students may download the digital testing application directly from the internet onto their school-managed PC or Mac. Students can be directed to to install the app themselves. Please note: Students need ‘write access' to their local folder to allow for installation and testing.

School-Managed Installation Requirements

Any installation of the app on both Windows and Mac school-managed devices requires the following three configuration settings:

  1. Installed to user profiles. The testing app must be installed to the user profile and should not be pushed as a system-level install. Installation at the user profile is required because each student individually receives and takes a specific version of the AP Exam.
  2. With “write access” to profile folders. The testing app must be installed such that each user can write to their profile folder because the testing app will (1) load the student's specific exam to the testing device during the “exam setup” step, 1-3 days prior to test day, and (2) save student responses as students take the exam. These features are designed to provide resilience to potential disruptions to internet connectivity during the exam.
  3. Able to accept auto-updates. The testing app must be installed to a user writable folder so that each time the user launches the app, the app can auto-update as needed. Updates will be released on a regular basis to allow for ongoing improvements.

Without these settings enabled, the testing app won't function properly on the testing device and students won't be able to use the device to take a digital AP Exam. If you shared the application without the three required configurations, you should update your configurations and make the app available to your students again.

2021 Digital AP Exams Application Version History

Students must have the latest version of the 2021 Digital AP Exams application in order to test. When configured properly, the app should check for updates each time it is launched. Recent version numbers are available for your reference below.

On the login screen of the app, check the text in the lower right of the screen and look for either the date or the version number to confirm you are running the latest version. The version number can differ across PC/MAC and Chromebooks and varies by release date. See the table for the version release information.


Version Label (PC/MAC)

Version Label (Chromebook)

Release Date

0.9.4 VSN-0.9.4 BT-2021-6-4 BT-2021-6-4 June 4, 2021


VSN-0.9.4 BT-2021-5-29


May 29, 2021


VSN-0.9.4 BT-2021-5-26


May 26, 2021


VSN-0.9.4 BT-2021-5-24


May 24, 2021


VSN-0.9.4 BT-2021-5-14


May 14, 2021


VSN-0.9.4 BT-2021-5-11


May 11, 2021


VSN-0.9.2 BT-2021-5-04


May 4, 2021


VSN-0.9.1 BT-2021-4-21


April 21, 2021


VSN-0.9.0 BT-2021-4-08


April 8, 2021


Download requires Windows 8 or later and 250 MB of available disk space for one exam, plus an additional 100 MB for each subsequent exam.

Download for Windows


Download requires macOS 10.11 or later and 400 MB of available disk space for one exam, plus an additional 100 MB for each subsequent exam.

Download for Mac