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We’re partnering to supply internet connections and laptops to students who need them. Explore the list below for help for your school or district community.

Devices for the 2021 AP Exam Administration

Connecting students to college opportunity is our top priority. While most schools are planning to offer in-school paper and pencil AP Exams this year, some students will need to take digital AP Exams, and some of them will need access to a supported device.

The AP Program has teamed up with Connection, a Global IT Solutions Provider, to loan laptops and internet hotspots to digital test takers in the United States. Devices loaned by Connection are meant for students who truly don’t have access to a supported school-issued or personal device for digital AP Exams.

  • Schools must provide an AP ID for each student needing a device before a request can be processed.
  • Schools can request devices for students who need them to test.
  • Schools will be responsible for distributing the devices to their students, and for collecting and returning them back to Connection. If schools do not return a device, the cost of that device will be added to the school’s AP invoice.
  • Devices provided by Connection are configured to support only digital AP testing. The testing application will already be on the laptop. Students will still need to complete all other exam readiness steps.

If you have digital test takers who have no other way to secure a supported device for testing, please contact Connection by phone at 800-800-2665 or by email at

Devices and Internet Access for the 2020-21 School Year

logo TMobile
T-Mobile's Project 10Million is a new program designed to help eradicate the digital divide that exists for millions of children by offering free service, hotspots, and reduced-cost devices to 10 million households over five years. 

If you are a district administrator, start a district application here.

logo EveryoneOn
EveryoneOn is a nonprofit dedicated to creating social and economic opportunity by connecting low-income families to affordable internet service and computers, and delivering digital skills trainings.

If you are a district administrator, connect your community here.  

School Supplies

logo DonorsChoose

DonorsChoose makes it easy for teachers to get the resources and materials that will help their students thrive. Start here to connect to its community of donors.

Academic Support

The AP Program offers resources, training, and tools for administrators, coordinators, teachers, and students to support them throughout the school year. Explore all our offerings.

College Planning Support

Virtual College Advising

College Board is creating a pathway to connect eligible high school seniors with nationally recognized college advising organizations to receive free, virtual college planning support through phone, email, text, and video chat sessions.

Send students to our Virtual College Advising page to learn more and find out which programs they may be eligible to join.  

FAFSA Support

Filling out the FAFSA® (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the most important step students can take to get money to help pay for college. Send your students to meet Wyatt℠, a free FAFSA assistance chatbot available to all seniors participating in the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program. Students can text Wyatt questions about the FAFSA 24/7 and he’ll reply with easy-to-understand guidance. Go to to find out more.