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More students earn college credit and placement when they register in the fall

Fall exam registration improves students’ chances of success. It’s already a best practice at more than half of schools offering AP.

What Students and Teachers are Saying

We’ve heard words like “engaged,” “confident” and “less likely to give up” when students register in the fall—and that commitment translates into more students taking the exam and earning college credit.

We’ve seen the benefits of fall registration in our pilot program

For STEM: Light blue bar showing +5% and a dark blue bar showing +12%

Light BlueWhite and Asian students

Dark Blue Underrepresented minority students

For Socioeconomic: Light blue bar showing +4% and a dark blue bar showing +20%

Light Blue Moderate/high-income students

Dark Blue Low income students

For Race/Ethnicity: Light blue bar showing +5% and a dark blue bar showing +14%

Light BlueMale STEM Students

Dark BlueFemale STEM Students

Scores of 3+ increased across student groups

In the 2017-18 school year, we piloted fall exam registration with 40,000 students. We saw an increase in scores of 3 or higher across multiple groups. Moving the time of registration made a difference across the board, but it had the strongest effect for students who are traditionally underrepresented in AP.


Introducing Powerful New Classroom Tools

To help students succeed, we’re offering new resources that help teachers support students year-round.

Instructional Support

Help students tackle the content and skills they’ll need to earn credit with instructional strategies and pacing guides.

Progress Checks

See how individual students are performing throughout the year and provide actionable feedback.

More Practice

Get access to a bank of more than 15,000 real AP questions to customize student exam practice.

How We Came Up with These Changes


We were inspired by you

More than half of all AP schools offer some form of fall registration. In these schools, students are more engaged and less likely to give up—meaning they are more likely to earn a score that will translate to college credit.


We worked with you

The new resources and processes were designed in response to your feedback, and in collaboration with AP teachers and coordinators.


We tested these changes with nearly 1,000 schools

Schools that implemented fall registration see higher participation and better scores, especially in schools where fewer AP students typically take exams.

What's Not Changing

Teacher overseeing students in classroom

Most aspects of your AP program will not change in the 2019-20 school year.

  • Exams are administered in the first 2 full weeks in May.
  • The exam fee and exam fee reduction are unchanged.
  • The postmark deadline for exam payments remains June 15.
  • Scores will be reported on the usual timelines.