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Support Students with New Online Tools

More practice materials and insight into the exam than ever before, coming to your classroom in 2019.

Tools for Teachers

In the 2019-20 school year, the College Board is introducing a suite of new resources. These tools were designed and tested in collaboration with AP educators. You'll be able to use them throughout the year to help students learn college-level content and skills. Get details personalized for your AP subject here.

Unit Guides

We’ve updated the course and exam descriptions (CEDs) for most AP courses. Teachers can preorder binders with the new materials. The unit guides include:

  • an outline of the exact content and skills covered on the exam
  • pacing and sequencing suggestions to help teachers integrate material into their courses
  • unit weighting to focus instruction on topics that will make the biggest impact


Personal Progress Checks

Made up of formative AP questions, personal progress checks are meant to measure student progress through each unit and throughout the year. They measure content and skills in each unit through:

  • multiple-choice questions that are scored automatically and include rationales to explain correct and incorrect answers
  • free-response questions with AP scoring guidelines teachers can use to evaluate student answers

Progress Dashboard

The progress dashboard helps teachers recognize student achievement and prioritize areas for additional support by:

  • pinpointing strengths and weaknesses on AP content and skills
  • charting class and student progress throughout the school year
  • equipping students to monitor their own progress and take steps
    to improve

AP Question Bank

Teachers will have access to a database of real AP questions, some of which have never been released before. This online library of more than 15,000 questions can be:

  • filtered by course content and skills
  • used to create customized practice and tests
  • assigned online or on paper as in-class assignments or homework


Tools for Coordinators

Everything streamlined. Everything online. We’re reducing paperwork and busywork and making coordinating AP classes and testing easier than ever, from registration through exam day.


Register for Coordinator Training

Find out about our face-to-face coordinator training workshops taking place across the country.


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Streamlined Student Registration

For the first time, students will enter their information online instead of bubbling it in on exam day. Coordinators will be able to:

  • view and edit prepopulated student rosters online
  • submit those rosters as their school’s exam order
  • save administration time with personalized registration labels, eliminating more than 2 million hours of pre-exam bubbling

Exam Day Tools

Coordinators will also be able to use prepopulated student rosters to:

  • create lists of exam takers
  • assign students to exam rooms
  • assign proctors