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In addition to the score reports available automatically online, high schools can order score report labels and free-response booklets.

Report or Service Format Cost
Online Score Reports Online No fee
Score Labels Paper $100 per set
Free-Response Booklets Paper 1–20: $60;
21–50: $120;
51–100: $180;
more than 100: $300

Score labels

Individual schools may order their students' scores on pressure-sensitive labels. Each label lists the student's name, birth date, AP Exams taken, years exams were taken, and scores received. As of July 2018, Social Security numbers are no longer included.

Schools can order these labels beginning in the spring on the AP Exam Ordering website. The fee is $100 per set, and the deadline to order is June 1. The labels are sent mid-July.

Privacy and Confidentiality

Schools are responsible for maintaining student privacy and the confidentiality of AP scores. Only students have the right to forward their AP scores to colleges and universities. Therefore, schools should use caution in affixing AP score labels to transcripts or other records that will be sent to these institutions. Affixing score labels to transcripts can result in a violation of students’ rights and opens the door to a potential lawsuit. To avoid this possibility, the AP Program strongly suggests that schools institute one of the following procedures:

  • Affix the score label to the back of the transcript and copy only the front of the transcript when sending it to colleges.
  • Have students sign a release permitting the school to put the score label on the front of the transcript. Keep the signed releases with students' files.

Free-response booklets

Schools that plan to request free-response booklets should note that their order includes the entire school’s booklets minus those requested by students. Schools cannot limit their order to booklets for certain students or for certain exams. No comments, corrections, or scores are included. The fee is based on the number of booklets received by the school:

  • 1–20: $60
  • 21–50: $120
  • 51–100: $180
  • More than 100: $300

To Order

Schools can order booklets on the AP Exam Ordering website.

  • The deadline is Sept. 15.
  • Booklets are sent to schools beginning mid-October.
  • Schools should receive the booklets no later than mid-December.

Free-response booklets are not available for exams when those exams’ free-response questions aren’t released on the College Board website two days after the exam administration (e.g., late-testing exams).

If your students want to order their score reports by mail or fax, please have them follow the instructions on the student score reporting services page.