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Jane Bohn

  • AP coordinator at Affton High School in Missouri.
  • Her AP program has 10+ classes, 300+ enrollments, and 350+ exams.
  • 2018-19 school start date: August 15, 2018.
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Because grant money allocation is based on how many students take an AP Exam, Jane submitted her school’s AP Exam order in the fall and collected students’ exam fees in the spring. She didn’t collect a deposit from students.

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She collected cash or check payments from students, and used the student roster downloaded from AP Registration and Ordering to reconcile with school class registers.

How She Did It

AP course sign-up

  • Before the school year started, Jane created class sections in AP Registration and Ordering. She decided to use the advanced student exam decision indicator setting, and she set the student decision deadline as November 1.
  • At the start of the school year, Jane told AP teachers the exam registration deadline. She provided an informational handout for parents.
  • Students enrolled in class sections in September.

Exam order reconciliation and payment tracking

From August to November 2018, Jane followed this process to confirm her exam roster:

  1. After students enrolled in class sections, Jane downloaded the student roster from AP Registration and Ordering.
  2. She compared the student roster to her school’s list of class registers and grants.
  3. Students indicated their exam registration in My AP by November 1.
  4. Jane submitted her school’s AP Exam order by the November 15 ordering deadline.

In January:

  1. Jane reconciled how many students were taking 2019 AP Exams, and confirmed grant money allocation.

In February:

  1. She collected payment from students.

Observations and advice

  • Being able to download the student roster from AP Registration and Ordering helped Jane cut down on her overall paperwork—she didn’t need to juggle multiple student forms.
  • By setting her student decision deadline at November 1, Jane had 2 weeks to review and finalize her exam order before submitting it by the November 15 ordering deadline.