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Homeschooled Students and Students Whose Schools don't Offer AP Exams

Because parents and students cannot order exams directly, the AP Program encourages schools to assist homeschooled students and students whose schools don't offer AP courses and exams.

These students will be using their own school’s code or the state homeschool code, and their exam scores won't be included with your school’s score reports.

Student Responsibilities

  • Prepare a list of the exams they plan to take.
  • No later than March 1: Contact AP Services for Students to get the names and telephone numbers of local AP coordinators:
  • No later than March 15: Contact the coordinators identified by AP Services for Students.
  • Inform the coordinator they are trying to locate a school willing to administer AP Exams to outside students.
  • Notify the school of any accommodations they may need.
  • Agree to use the state homeschool code provided by the coordinator on the day of the exam.

Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Order the necessary exam materials and inform students when and where to report.
  • Collect and submit these students' exam fees with the exam fees of students from the coordinator’s school. Coordinators may negotiate a higher exam fee to recover additional proctoring or administration costs.
  • Help get documented disabilities approved for testing accommodations by the College Board.
  • Remind students to bring valid photo identification.
  • In schools that support independent study or homeschooled students who want to take an AP Computer Science Principles end-of-course exam without participating in an AP CSP class at the school, the coordinator must create an AP CSP class in the digital portfolio to enroll students. Coordinators who support students on a standard schedule will receive their access codes in the spring. Coordinators who support students on a block schedule and need to create a class section should complete an access code request form to receive an access code earlier. Visit Computer Science Principles to learn more.