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About the Exams

AP Chinese Language and Culture and AP Japanese Language and Culture Exams are delivered on CD and administered on a computer.

In the spring, you’ll receive a shipment with AP Chinese and AP Japanese Setup CDs. These are sent before your exam shipment. Setup CDs are required for preparing testing computers to deliver the exams. In a separate shipment in the spring, you’ll receive the Exam CDs.

For detailed information about administering these exams, see the AP Coordinator's Manual, Part 2 and the AP Exam Instructions. For exam information, go to AP Chinese Language and Culture and AP Japanese Language and Culture.

New Overview Videos

These four short videos provide an overview of what AP coordinators, teachers, proctors, and school technology specialists should know about the setup and administration of the AP Chinese and Japanese Language and Culture Exams. We recommend watching the videos in order.

Important Information and Updates


New! You’ll order AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams through AP Registration and Ordering at the same time that you order all other AP Exams—by the November 15 final ordering deadline (or the March 13 spring course orders and fall order changes deadline). You no longer need to submit orders for AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams earlier than your order for all other exams. For more information about ordering AP Exams, go to Ordering Exam Materials, or review the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 (.pdf/7.3 MB).

Please call the College Board SSD office immediately if any students are planning to take AP Chinese or AP Japanese Exams with accommodations and provide detailed information about the accommodations they need.

Fee Reductions and Class Sections

New! This year, you don’t need to complete a separate Fee Reduction/Section Designation Form for students taking these exams. You’ll create class sections for AP Chinese and AP Japanese before the start of the school year at the same time you create all other class sections in AP Registration and Ordering.

You’ll indicate the fee reduction status for these students only in AP Registration and Ordering, as you will for students taking any other AP Exams. Fee reduction status needs to be indicated by April 30, 2020, 11:59 p.m. ET. See more information about Accessing and Using AP Registration and Ordering.

Technical Updates for 2019-20

New! Microsoft has discontinued support of Windows 7 and will no longer provide technical support, software updates, or security updates for the operating system. Third-party video and/or audio drivers may also no longer be supported, causing poor quality audio recording of students’ responses. If your school still uses Windows 7, upgrade to Windows 10 to avoid technical problems that could jeopardize your students’ exam scores. (Windows 8.1 also remains supported for 2020.)

Windows 10 and the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam: If you’re planning to administer the AP Japanese Language and Culture Exam on a computer using Windows 10, testing stations need to be connected to the internet in order to install the required Microsoft Mincho font. If your school plans to use computers running Windows 10 for this exam and they’re not connected to the internet, please contact Technical Support for further assistance (call 609-406-5640 or email

Extended Time

If a student taking an exam in AP Chinese or AP Japanese has been approved for an accommodation of extended time, the proctor does not need to follow the same procedures as for the other world language exams. The AP Chinese and AP Japanese Exams include 50% and 100% extended time embedded in the exam CDs.