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Important Updates

For more information, please see the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 2 (available in late fall). The AP Exam Instructions will be available in 2020.

The Digital Audio Capture (DAC) app is an additional recording method available for the AP French, German, Italian, and Spanish Language and Culture Exams and AP Music Theory Exams. The 2020 version will be available in the spring of 2020.

Important: If your school would like to use the DAC app for recording during the 2020 AP Exam administration, you need to use the 2020 version of the app. Previous versions of the DAC app will not work in 2020. If your school downloaded the app for a previous administration, you'll be prompted to update to the 2020 version when you open the DAC app on your iPads. Be sure to complete this update before the 2020 AP Exam administration. If you are using the DAC app for the first time, you’ll need to download it when it’s available in the spring.

The DAC App:

  • Simplifies the recording and upload process: With other recording methods, school staff must save, name, and upload students’ files after the exam. The DAC app handles these steps. After an exam that used the DAC app for recording, school staff only need to log in to the DAS portal to submit the files for scoring.
  • Ensures exam security: The DAC app has built-in security measures that restrict access to other applications on the Apple iPad tablet. Once the DAC app is launched, students will not be able to access the internet or other apps.
  • Is a free app: In the spring, coordinators will get an email announcing that the DAC app is available for download.
  • Can be used for practice before the exam: Coordinators will get instructions for student practice with the app before the exam. This will ensure that students are confident using the app.

Using the DAC App

  • After coordinators receive the announcement email in the spring, download and install the DAC app on iPad models that will be used during the exam administration (see Technical Requirements).
  • Follow the proctor script for the DAC app in the AP Exam Instructions to use the DAC app to record students' speaking or sight-singing responses on exam day.
  • The DAC app correctly names students' files and directly uploads them to the Digital Audio Submission (DAS) portal.
  • The AP coordinator or other authorized staff person logs in to the DAS portal from a computer connected to the internet after the exam administration to submit the files for scoring.

Technical Requirements

  • Previous versions of the DAC app will not work in 2020. To use the DAC app for the 2020 AP Exam administration, you must update to the latest version.
  • The DAC app can be used on iPad, iPad Air®, iPad mini™, and iPad Pro™ running iOS version 9.3.2 or higher as the operating system. (Android™ and ChromeOS™ operating systems are not supported and cannot be used.)
  • Supported models for 2020 will be updated in early 2020.
  • The iPads used during exam administration must be school-owned and -controlled, must remain in the school at all times, and must not be assigned or issued to specific students. (It’s recommended that backup iPads be available in case of equipment failure.)
  • Schools may not use iPhones® or student-owned or -controlled devices.
  • There must be a Wi-Fi connection in the testing room, in order to upload files directly to the DAS portal.
  • The iPad must have a minimum of 20MB of storage space available for the app. If the iPad has insufficient storage space, a warning message will give instructions on how to remedy the problem.
  • An Apple iPad cable
  • An Apple App Store account

The Digital Audio Capture (DAC) App Overview is a step-by-step guide that includes:

  • Instructions on downloading, installing, configuring, and using the DAC app
  • FAQs
  • Information specific to using the app for practice before the exam

An updated version of the DAC App Overview, updated for the 2020 AP Exam administration, will be available in March 2020.