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Typical Accommodations

If a student has a documented disability, they may be eligible for accommodations on the AP Exams such as:

  • Extended time
  • Large-type exams
  • Large-block answer sheets
  • Permission to use a braille device, computer, or magnifying device
  • Assistive Technology Compatible (ATC) format 
  • A reader to dictate questions
  • A writer to record responses
  • A written copy of oral instructions; as well as other accommodations

Requesting Accommodations

Students work with the school’s SSD coordinator to apply for accommodations before the AP Exam administration. The SSD coordinator requests and manages the accommodations online.

To learn more about procedures and policies for administering exams to students with accommodations, refer to the AP Coordinator’s Manual and the AP SSD Guidelines.

Reminder: Accommodations Request Lead Time

It takes approximately seven weeks from the receipt of all necessary documentation for the College Board to determine a student’s eligibility for accommodations.