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A new feature is now available in AP Registration and Ordering that will help you organize proctor and student assignments for your exam rooms for this year’s AP Exam administration.

To use this feature, click the Exam Room Schedule link in the top navigation menu in AP Registration and Ordering, then start creating “rooms” that represent the physical rooms you’ll use for this year’s AP Exam administration in your school. You can set their capacity, assign proctors to them, and assign students to them as appropriate. When you’re done, you’ll have a printable, downloadable room roster.


Create Exam Rooms and Assign Proctors

Start by creating one or more rooms for all AP Exams your school is administering. The “rooms” you create should represent the real exam rooms at your school. You must create a room for each exam, even if you’re using the same room for several different exams during the exam administration.

You’ll enter a room name, an optional room description, the maximum capacity of the room, and the name(s) of the room proctor(s). You can change or add proctors later.


Assign Students to Rooms

Select students to assign to a room.

  • You can manually select individual students.
  • You can filter by various criteria; for example, you can select all unassigned students or all students testing with accommodations.

View Room Details to see a list of the students you’ve assigned to that room. You can remove students from the room or assign them to a different room in this view.


View or Print Room Rosters

Download a spreadsheet or a print-friendly page that contains the roster of students assigned to an exam room. These show student first and last name, six-digit school code, student AP ID, SSD ID (if any), and special-format exam materials the student will test with (if any).