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The College Board's highest priority for the AP Exam administration is ensuring students receive on-time and accurate AP Exam scores.

We are not working with any companies selling services to complete portions of AP Exam materials for students. These companies are not affiliated with the College Board or our operational partners. To ensure that exam materials remain secure and can be processed properly for scoring, AP Exam administration policies specify that only the AP coordinator and authorized staff may handle exam materials.

We cannot guarantee that third-party-modified portions of exam materials can be processed properly for scoring or if the companies selling these services can deliver accurate materials to schools in time for the exams. We do not know how they plan to manage any issues that might arise. If schools choose to deviate from the policies and procedures published by the College Board, they are also choosing to accept full responsibility for (and associated costs resulting from) any delays or errors involving their students' AP Exam scores.

Based on feedback from the AP community, we are currently working to streamline and modernize AP Exam registration processes. We have learned that our initiatives are most successful when we pilot with a smaller group of schools before full implementation. Any work to modify operational processes will be done deliberately and carefully so we do not disrupt existing procedures.

We look forward to continuing to work directly with AP teachers, AP coordinators, and school administrators to ensure each AP Exam administration is a success and that students, who have studied so hard all year, receive the on-time and accurate scores they deserve.

If you have any questions on this topic, please contact College Board's AP Services for Educators at 877-274-6474 or 212-632-1781.