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New Scholarship Available to AP with WE Service Students

Two college scholarships, worth $50,000 each, honor students who have made a positive impact on their community through a service learning project.

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The AP with WE Service Scholarship, made possible by The Allstate Foundation, was created to recognize students for the completion of their service learning projects for AP with WE Service and reward exceptional students who have made a positive impact on their local and global communities.

In 2020, we will award two $50,000 scholarships to either a student or a student group (to be split evenly among all members of that group).

View the official rules. (.pdf/107KB)

Eligibility Requirements

The scholarship is open to students who meet all these requirements:

  • They attend a public or private high school located in one of the 50 United States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Northern Mariana Islands, or any U.S. territory or possession.
  • They are enrolled in AP with WE Service, are scored in the AP Digital Portfolio, and earn the AP with WE Service Recognition on their score reports (by meeting all requirements outlined on the recognition rubric).
  • They are nominated by an AP with WE Service designated teacher (teachers can only nominate one student or student group per course they teach).

How to Apply

How to Nominate a Student or Group

Only designated AP with WE Service teachers can nominate a student or student group. They must submit the application components, including student essays, release form and any supporting artifacts, on behalf of the student or group.

Important deadlines:

  • Make sure that all student work is scored in the AP Digital Portfolio by June 30, 2020.
  • Submit all application components on behalf of your student or group by June 30, 2020.

Essay Prompts

Nominated groups (writing as a group) or nominated individual students must submit essays responding to each of the following prompts:

  • Describe your service learning project and how it enhanced your understanding of the AP course content and/or skills. (maximum 250 words)
  • Describe the impact your service learning project has had on your local and/or global community. (maximum 250 words)

In addition, nominated individual students or individual students in a nominated group must submit an essay responding to each of the following prompts:

  • Describe and explain the impact the service learning project has had on the development of your leadership and social communication skills, analytical ability, and understanding of civic responsibility. (maximum 200 words)
  • Explain your college aspirations and how this scholarship will help you achieve these goals. (maximum 200 words)

Submit an Application.

Scholarship Notification and Disbursement

  • Within 30 days of the submission deadline of June 30, 2020, the teacher will be notified of the winners based on a review and skills-based evaluation by teams from College Board, WE, and The Allstate Foundation.
  • Students will receive an email noting the recognition and need to claim their scholarship within 60 calendar days of being notified that they were selected by submitting a signed affidavit attesting to the eligibility requirements.
  • We will disburse the money directly to the institution (any Title IV accredited institution of higher education, including accredited two-year, four-year and for-profit) that the student will attend.

For more information on eligibility and applying, see our FAQ.

About the Sponsor

We extend a special thank you to The Allstate Foundation for empowering students to reach their full potential as future citizens to change our world for the better.

The Allstate Foundation helps create prosperous communities where people are inspired to fulfill their hopes and dreams. One of the ways the foundation does this is through the Good Starts Young program, which enables youth to develop social and emotional learning skills through service learning, leading to success in school, the workplace, and throughout their adult lives. That's why The Allstate Foundation teamed up with WE and the College Board to bring you the AP with WE Service Scholarship.