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AP coordinators will first need to change the exam date in AP Registration and Ordering for students who will be taking a digital exam during Administration 2 or Administration 3. Review details about how to assign a student to a later testing date.

After changing a student’s exam date, AP coordinators assigning a student with approved accommodations to a digital exam need to take some additional new steps in AP Registration and Ordering.

The instructions on this page are for AP coordinators.

If you previously submitted an order for a special exam format (e.g., large print, braille), the order will be removed when you move the student to a digital exam and submit the update to your exam order.

  • For instance, if you previously ordered a large print exam format for a student you’re now moving to a digital exam, the large print exam order will be removed because those exam materials are no longer needed for a digital exam.

When assigning a student to a digital exam in AP Registration and Ordering, you’ll be prompted to review the accommodations information for the student on the screen where you indicate the reason for the later testing date.

  • Note: If you’re assigning multiple students at a time to digital exams using the multi-select feature in AP Registration and Ordering, you’ll be prompted to review details for any students with accommodations, but the alert won’t indicate the specific students. It’s important to have a list of the students with approved accommodations to reference so you can navigate to the appropriate Student Details pages.

Checking accommodations on reasons for late testing screen

Review the student’s accommodations and work with the SSD coordinator and the student to confirm whether any changes are needed to the accommodations that will be used for a digital exam. See details about types of accommodations and details about specific accommodations such as braille and ATC that will help you confirm which testing option best meets the needs of students with accommodations.

It’s recommended to confirm students’ accommodations for digital exams at the same time as you change their exam date in AP Registration and Ordering. Accommodations must be confirmed no later than 7 calendar days before the scheduled digital exam date.

Important: If students plan to use a designated digital alternative for their approved accommodation, keep their accommodation selected in AP Registration and Ordering. This is because the accommodations that are indicated in AP Registration and Ordering are what enable students to receive an accessible format of the digital exam. For instance, if a student approved for a human reader or braille plans to take a digital exam using assistive technology (e.g., screen reader, refreshable braille display), you need to keep their accommodation for human reader or braille selected in AP Registration and Ordering so they’ll get an accessible digital exam that will be compatible with their assistive technology.

To confirm a student’s accommodations for digital exams after moving them to a digital exam date:

1 Go to the student roster in AP Registration and Ordering.

2 Click a student’s name to go to their Student Details page.

3 On the Student Details page, click Digital Exam: Special Format next to each subject for which the student is taking a digital exam.

Shows a Student Detail Page with the Special Digital Formats highlighted

4 On the next screen, review the accommodations the student will receive on their digital exam, which is based on their approved accommodations on record through College Board SSD Online. Accommodations will be automatically shown as selected based on the student’s approvals. 

  • If the accommodations listed for the student’s digital exam are correct and the student doesn’t want to make any changes, no further action is needed.
  • If the student doesn’t want to use any of their accommodations for the digital exam subject, de-select the relevant accommodations on this screen screen and click Update at the bottom of the screen. Review details about waiving accommodations.
  • If a student requires multiple-day testing for their digital exam, this must be indicated. Multiple-day testing is not automatically selected. Review details about indicating multiple-day testing for a student taking a digital exam.
  • If a student requires additional accommodations for a digital exam that they’re not already approved for, the request for accommodations must be submitted by the SSD coordinator through SSD Online as soon as possible. (New accommodations requests cannot be submitted through AP Registration and Ordering.) A student will receive digital exams enabled only with the accommodations that are listed as of 7 calendar days before the scheduled digital exam date; accommodations not approved and listed in AP Registration and Ordering by that point won’t be available within the digital exam. 
  • If you don’t see an accommodation listed that the student is approved for and should receive on the digital exam, contact the College Board SSD office as soon as possible. (Note: You’ll only see accommodations listed that are delivered through the digital testing application. If a student has an approved accommodation that doesn’t impact the digital testing application—for instance, use of of medication or checking blood sugar—that won’t be listed in AP Registration and Ordering.)

Shows a Special Digital Formats pop-up screen