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Multiple-day testing won’t be automatically indicated in AP Registration and Ordering for a student who is moved to a digital exam. AP coordinators need to indicate multiple-day testing per student per applicable exam. Students might be eligible for multiple-day testing for exams for which they don’t ultimately want or need to test over multiple days. It’s important to work with the SSD coordinator and the student to confirm which exams the student will need multiple-day testing for before making any changes in AP Registration and Ordering.

Review details about eligibility criteria for multiple-day testing.

The need for multiple-day testing must be indicated through AP Registration and Ordering by 7 calendar days before the scheduled digital exam date.

To indicate multiple-day testing:

1 Go to the student’s Student Details page in AP Registration and Ordering and click Digital Exam: Special Formats for the applicable exam subject. Note: If a student requires multiple-day testing for multiple exams, you’ll need to update the accommodations information for each exam the student is taking.

2 From the next screen, check the box next to Multiple-Day Testing and click Update at the bottom of the screen.

Shows a Special Digital Formats screen with the option for multi-day testing


  • Multiple-day testing on the digital exams will be available for 2-day testing. If a student requires multiple-day testing greater than 2 days, contact the College Board SSD office.
  • For AP Seminar and AP Computer Science Principles, contact the College Board SSD office if a student is taking either of these exams during Administration 2 or Administration 3 and requires multiple-day testing. Because these subjects have only one section on the exam, multiple-day testing isn’t available through the digital exams.
  • If an AP coordinator selects multiple-day testing for a student for a digital exam and the student subsequently needs a makeup digital exam, the selection for multiple-day testing will carry over to the makeup exam unless the AP coordinator makes a change in AP Registration and Ordering