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Students with approved accommodations may have particular circumstances to consider when planning which testing window and testing format (paper or digital) will best meet the needs of the student and your school’s testing capabilities this year.

When determining whether to move a student with approved accommodations to a digital exam, consider aspects such as:

Accommodation Considerations

Assistive Technology

Does the student have an accommodation that requires technology, a device, or assistance that’s available only at school?

Can the student use the assistive technology on their own?

Human Reader


Pre-recorded audio
(via MP3 streaming)

Is the student able to use the digital alternative to the accommodation?

  • screen reader for human reader or pre-recorded audio
  • voice recognition (speech-to-text) software for writer/scribe

If a student prefers or needs to test using a human reader or writer/scribe, it’s recommended they test using the paper and pencil format of the exam during an available administration.

  • Paper and pencil exams are administered in school
  • Exam reader copies are available only for paper and pencil exams.

If needed a student could test at home using a digital exam with a household member assisting them. Note:

  • A student’s exam can be accessed only on the computer on which the student installed the digital testing application and completed setup. The exam cannot be accessed on multiple devices.
  • A human reader working with a student for a digital exam would need to sit close enough to see the exam screen on the student’s computer for the duration of the exam, which might not be compatible with social distancing guidelines.
  • All exam responses must be entered on the student’s computer being used for testing. A writer/scribe would need to type on the same computer on which the student has accessed the exam.


Is the student able to use a screen reader and braille writer and/or refreshable braille display?

  • If yes, the student will be able to test using the digital exam.
  • If no, the student can test using a printed braille exam. See details about braille.

Raised Line Drawings

Is the student able to use a screen reader without raised line drawings?

  • If yes, the student will be able to test using the digital exam.
  • If no, the student can test using the paper braille exam with raised line drawings.

Note: raised line drawing supplements aren’t available for the digital exams.

Extended Time

Consider the digital exam start time for students approved for extended time. Some digital exam subjects have a 4 p.m. EDT start time.