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Later Testing Options Important Updates

AP coordinators can now move students to a later testing window—Administration 2 or Administration 3—in AP Registration and Ordering. Review the instructions, which are also available in the AP Digital Testing Guide.

Review the updated 2021 AP Exam schedule for Administration 1, Administration 2, and Administration 3.

  • We’ll provide 2 later exam dates, one in the second half of May and the other during the first half of June. These dates will also serve as the makeup dates for any earlier exam administration.
    • Administration 2: May 18–21, 24–28
    • Administration 3: June 1–4, 7–11

Deadlines to Switch a Student to a Later Exam Administration

See Updating Your Exam Order for details about the deadlines to move students to a later exam administration. See Deadlines to Assign Students to Digital Exams for the deadlines, per exam subject and administration, to move students with an existing exam order to a digital exam date.

How to Switch a Student to a Later AP Exam Administration

Get detailed steps on how to switch a student to a later exam administration in AP Registration and Ordering.

Watch the AP Quick Start video on moving students to a later exam: