AP Capstone™ (Seminar and Research)

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Starting this year, the AP Digital Portfolio is directly linked to My AP. When students enroll in an AP Seminar or AP Research class section in My AP, their enrollment will carry over to the AP Digital Portfolio. An AP ID will be assigned to the student through My AP and will also carry over to the AP Digital Portfolio. This eliminates the need for students to log in to the AP Digital Portfolio separately to enter an AP number.

Students still use the AP Digital Portfolio to submit their performance tasks and to access EBSCO and Turnitin for AP Capstone courses. (The AP Digital Portfolio is a separate system from My AP.)

AP coordinators should order AP Seminar and AP Research Exams through AP Registration and Ordering along with all other AP Exams.

Be sure to order an AP Research Exam for each student enrolled in the course, even though there’s no end-of-course exam. Without an exam order, AP Research students’ performance tasks won’t be scored.

The final amount invoiced is no longer determined by whether a student has submitted their performance tasks or started the end-of-course exam. Schools will be billed for all exams that are part of their exam order at the time the invoice is generated.

For detailed information on all AP courses and exams, visit the Course and Exam Pages on AP Central.