AP Music Theory

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You’ll receive one set of master CDs, which includes:

  • A master CD for Section I (listening), and a double CD set containing master CD for writing and a master CD for speaking for Section II

You may need to request more master CDs when additional testing rooms are needed. Remember: if students have been approved for accommodations that will require separate testing rooms, you should order one set of master CDs for each testing room.

For the sight-singing portion of the exam, students must be tested individually. Testing can be conducted simultaneously in separate rooms, depending on the number of rooms and proctors available. In such cases, you may order up to one master sight-singing CD for every four exams you order.

You may request:

  • 1 additional sight-singing CD for every 4 exams ordered.
  • 1 additional master listening CD for every 10 exams ordered.

See How do I order additional master CDs? For detailed information on all AP courses and exams, visit the Course and Exam Pages on AP Central.