How do I complete my AP Participation Form?

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To register your school to offer AP Exams in May 2021, AP coordinators must electronically sign and submit the AP Participation Form, which is generated after you complete the setup information.

The participation form is only provided online. Schools don't get a paper copy of the form. Only the AP coordinator's signature is needed; the principal's signature is not needed.

After you've provided information on the AP Registration and Ordering setup screens, you'll see a screen confirming your AP Participation Form has been generated. You'll also receive an email when your AP Participation Form is ready for you to review and sign.

Below is a sample of the screen you'll complete in AP Registration and Ordering setup to provide information for your school's participation form.

AP Registration and Ordering Setup Form

Important: The AP Participation Form will include spaces for the AP coordinator to electronically add their initials and signature to confirm their understanding of and their agreement to the policies stated in the form. After digitally adding your initials and signature, click the Finish button at the top right of the participation form. Don’t mail a copy of the form to the AP Program.

You’ll receive a confirmation email once you’ve completed the AP Participation Form. (Below is an example of the AP Participation Form from 2019-20.)

DocuSign Part Form

If you need to return to your AP Participation Form at a later point to complete it, you can do so. You'll see an alert on the home screen in AP Registration and Ordering until you submit the participation form. There is also a link to the AP Participation Form on the School Information and Participation Contacts area of the Settings page.

Important: The AP Participation Form must be electronically signed and submitted through AP Registration and Ordering before the AP coordinator can submit the exam order. Coordinators can’t submit exam orders if the AP Participation Form hasn’t been submitted. The final ordering deadline is November 13, 2020 (11:59 p.m. ET). Coordinators should complete and submit the participation form well before the exam ordering deadline. If your school’s exam order is submitted after November 13 because the AP Participation Form wasn’t completed, the $40 per exam late order fee will apply to every exam in your order submitted after that date.

If you’re having trouble accessing your AP Participation Form, see How do I find my AP Participation Form?