How can my school get our students’ free-response booklets?

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High schools can order their students’ free-response booklets, for a fee, through AP Registration and Ordering. Go to the Orders page and then click Score Reporting Services. See details on fees and deadlines in the table below.

Score Reporting Service Costs Order Deadline Shipping Date

Free-Response Booklets 
These booklets contain only the students’ written responses, without comments, corrections, or scores. 
Note: Booklets for exams whose free-response content is not released on the College Board website two days after the exam (e.g., late-testing exams) are not available. 
Schools that plan to make this request should note that their order includes booklets from the entire school minus those requested by students; schools cannot limit their order to booklets from certain students or certain exams. The fee is based on the number of booklets ordered by the school, not on the number of booklets received.

$60 for 1–20 booklets 

$120 for 21–50 booklets 

$180 for 51–100 booklets 

$300 for more than 100 booklets

April 30, 2021* (11:59 p.m. ET)


*Note: This deadline is an update to the date of May 15 previously published in the 2020-21 AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1.