Under what circumstances can a student test late without incurring an additional fee?

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Most reasons for late testing don’t incur the additional late-testing fee. Below are circumstances when late testing is allowed without incurring the late-testing fee.

Update for 2020-21: If social distancing requirements in your area limit your ability to test students at the same time, you can plan to have some students test during the late-testing window. Social distancing requirements has been added as a reason for late-testing that does not incur the late-testing fee.

Late-Testing Reasons: No Additional Fee

Academic contest/event

Athletic contest/event

Conflict with IB or Cambridge exam

Conflict with nationally, province-, or state-mandated test

Disabilities accommodations issue

Emergency: bomb scare or fire alarm

Emergency: serious injury, illness, or family tragedy

High school graduation

Language lab scheduling conflict

Religious/holiday observance

School closing: election, national holiday, or natural disaster

Social distancing requirements

Strike/labor conflict

Student court appearance

Two AP Exams on the same date at the same time

Other reasons for late testing will incur an additional late-testing fee of $40 per exam.