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If you’re the AP coordinator for a school that offers AP courses but doesn’t administer AP Exams—i.e., your students go to other schools to take their exams—you’ll need to be sure to complete these steps:

  • Complete initial setup in AP Registration and Ordering and select the option indicating that your students’ AP Exams will be ordered by another school or your district office.
  • Complete the AP Participation Form.
  • Create class sections for each AP class offered at your school so AP teachers can utilize AP Classroom resources with their students.
  • Be sure that students enroll in the class sections for the courses at your school and the appropriate exam only sections at the schools where they’ll be taking their AP Exams.
    • For class sections at your school: AP teachers should provide students with the appropriate join code to enroll in the class section for each course offered at your school. Make sure the Order Exam? status is No for the students in these class sections.
    • For the exam only sections: The AP coordinator for the school where students will be taking AP Exams needs to provide the join code for each exam only section.

Note: Test centers outside the United States may have additional local procedures for students to register to take AP Exams.

Please see the AP Coordinator’s Manual, Part 1 for more information.