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This workshop will introduce you to strategies you can use to engage students in deeper conceptual understanding of foundational physics principles. You will examine Physics Education Research findings on instructional approaches that support students’ enduring understanding of physics concepts. You will also review and engage in several tasks that will help students develop scientific reasoning practices through conceptual-based question types, leaving the workshop with model questions as well as questions you have developed on your own, for immediate classroom implementation.

Length: 1 day

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Explore Physics Education Research’s findings on students’ conceptual understanding of physics.
  • Identify the skills and knowledge that the exam will assess, and the tasks and materials for which students might need more preparation.
  • Examine several types of reasoning tasks, as well as how they can be applied in the AP Physics classroom.
  • Create sample reasoning tasks for use in your classroom.