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AP Online Scores for Students Toolkit

Download tips and resources that will help you prepare your students to get their AP Exam scores online in July.

Your students can view their AP scores and order additional score reports for colleges, universities, and scholarship programs online at Students will not receive paper score reports in the mail.

Features and benefits

Receiving scores online has a number of advantages. Your students will be able to:

  • View, download, and print their scores.
  • Send scores electronically to colleges, universities, and scholarship programs
    • One free score report is provided to the college students designate on their first AP answer sheet.
    • A credit card can be used to send scores to additional colleges.
      • To pay by check or money order students can mail a written request to AP Services.
      • The additional reports cost $15 for regular processing and $25 for rush processing.
  • Review and track their cumulative score report and the status of all orders, which includes scores from all AP Exams they’ve ever taken, unless they’ve canceled or withheld scores.

Dates and Availability

Scores become available in July. Some scores take longer to process due to late testing or other special circumstances (e.g., late arrival of testing materials or extra time needed to match records). If students don’t receive them by Sept. 1, have them contact AP Services.

Helpful Tips

  1. Visit Share AP: Resources and Support Materials for tools and resources to help prepare students for accessing their scores.
  2. Inform students that they must have a College Board account in order to access their AP scores online from
    • Encourage AP teachers to make this announcement in their classrooms and assign students the homework task of setting up a College Board account.
    • Be aware that many students will already have an account if they’ve registered for the SAT or participated in other College Board programs. Students who already have an account should sign in and confirm that they have the correct username and password.
    • Remind students to disable autofill in their browser, especially if they are using a shared or public computer to create their account.
  3. Encourage students to fill in their AP answer sheet carefully and consistently.
    • Holding a preadministration session is a great timesaving technique.
    • Name, date of birth, sex, mailing address, and email address are particularly important.
    • Local student identifier or student ID number: If students have a local identifier and provide it on their AP answer sheet, they can use that identifier to access their scores. If students have more than one student ID (e.g., state level and school level), select the one that is most appropriate to use for reporting AP Exam scores.
    • Email address: Students who provide their email address will receive a notification when their AP scores are available.
  4. Remind students that they must save their AP number.
    • Students will need to provide their AP number (or their student ID number, if they provided it on their answer sheet) in order to view their scores online and send scores to colleges.
    • To help students remember their AP number, a tear-off card is provided in the AP Student Packs. Please encourage students to store this card in a safe place so they can refer to it in July.

Students Without Internet Access

If students do not have ready access to the internet at home, we suggest that they work with their school or public library to create their College Board account and update their AP profile.

Students Under 13

Students under the age of 13 who are not legally allowed to create online accounts will have their score reports mailed to them in late August or early September.

AP Awards and Recognitions

Students are notified by email when AP Scholar Awards, AP Capstone Awards, and AP with WE Service Recognitions are added to their online score reports in mid-July.