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The following tools are available to school and district administrators.

Submitting Requests for Corrections or Updates

From the Administrator Tools page, select Request Report Correction to submit a request to make the following types of corrections to report data:

  • Removing or adding a student from your score reports
  • Updating a student’s class section
  • Updating a student’s grade level
  • Correcting a student’s name or contact information (only corrections for nicknames or egregious errors)
  • Consolidating duplicate student records
  • Investigating a missing or incomplete score

School and district administrators also have the option of submitting a request to edit school contact information if it has changed.

  • Select Update School Information from your Administrator Tools page to do this.

Only administrators can request these changes. Teachers do not have access to these tools and should contact their principal or coordinator if they see information in their reports that needs to be corrected.

Usage Reports

From the Administrator Tools page, select Usage Reports to see information about the use of online score reports by teachers and other administrators at your school.

We recommend that administrators review this information on an annual basis (preferably in the summer) to verify that the list of active users accurately represents the users who should have access to the system. Additionally, administrators can use this information to encourage teachers to make full use of the online reports.

More Information

Detailed technical information is also located in the help section of the AP Online Reports for Educators website. Sign in and click the Help tab in the site’s navigation bar.