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Once you have set up access, your home page will appear each time you sign in.

In the center of your home page is the student portfolio list. Once some or all of your teachers and students have set up their access, it will list each portfolio and its progress, or status, in the digital submission process. The filtering bar at the top allows you to choose which portfolios you want to display in the list.

The navigation panel on the left side of your home page contains links for Actions you can take and Tools you may need to use. (The links for actions that are not available under the current circumstances will appear grayed out. For instance, if none of your teachers has forwarded you finished portfolios, you will be unable to click any of the Send Portfolio to AP links.)

More information about the “Send to AP” action and the Portfolio Counts, Account Information, and Teacher Summary tools is available further on in this demo.

Click on the graphic below to view a larger image.

Your home page