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The Section column allows you to assign students to separate class sections. Use of this optional feature is strongly recommended if your school has more than one AP Studio Art teacher or class section, as it will allow you to view separate AP Instructional Planning Reports or subject score rosters for each class section.

Your AP coordinator also has the ability to set class section numbers using the web application, so you should consult with your coordinator to determine who will be setting up and what numbers are used for each.

Setting Section Numbers

The default section value is blank. If you wish to set section numbers for your Studio Art students:

  1. From the drop-down list in the Section column of the row for each portfolio, select the section number that you want to assign to that portfolio. (You can do this at any time before you forward the portfolio to your coordinator.)
  2. When you are finished setting section numbers, click Save Section Numbers under Actions in the left navigation panel. A confirmation screen will let you know that the information has been saved.

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Designating class sections