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If you decide that a student needs to take further action on a portfolio—for instance, if the student has not submitted the number of images requested for a portfolio section—you can return the portfolio to the student and recommend further action. (The portfolio must be in "Forwarded to Teacher" status to do this.)

To return a portfolio, open the portfolio by clicking the student’s name from your home page. Once the portfolio has opened in your work area, click Recommend Further Action by Student under Actions in the left navigation panel:

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Returning Portfolios

You should notify the student directly that you have sent back the portfolio for further action, and specify your recommendations. The next time the student signs in, he or she will see a pop-up message with directions to contact you.

Students are not required to make changes to their portfolios when portfolios are sent back to them. Whether or not the student makes any changes to the portfolio based on your recommendations, it will be necessary for the student to forward the portfolio to you again. Once the student has re-forwarded the portfolio to you, you will need to forward it to your AP coordinator.