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If you are new to digital submission, you'll need to obtain access before you can sign in to the web application. To do this, you will need your school code and Coordinator Key. Both can be obtained from your school's AP coordinator.


On the sign-in page, click Set up your access now. Click Teacher on the next screen that appears, and you will be taken to the screen shown below.

Obtaining Access

Enter your school code and Coordinator Key, indicate what types of portfolios your students will be submitting, and follow the instructions to set up your access and create your account.

Click on the graphic below to view a larger image.

Setting up access - Step 1

Confirmation Page

After successfully setting up your access, you'll see a confirmation screen like the one shown below. The screen will display your Teacher Key, a unique alphanumeric access code that your students will need in order to access the web application.

Click on the graphic below to view a larger image.

Setting up access - Confirmation Page

E-mail Confirmation

You'll also receive a confirmation e-mail that contains this Teacher Key and a link to the web application. You must forward this e-mail, along with your school code, as soon as possible to all of your AP Studio Art students. It is crucial that your students begin using the web application early in the spring.